Sunday, December 9, 2001


oh my gawd i am so drunk right now
the only thing i manage is spelling correctly
j isgonna get laid tonight
no i'm just kidding
anyway peeeees out my dear fans
i'll have a major headache tomorrow
what a weird night
c ya d my fellow student
oh don't kill me now ppl
bye bye

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Je suis aux computer

Dear Diary.
It has been long since the last time I wrote.Lotsa stuff has happened and yet nothing has happened. So I might as well not tell you right now, cuz I don't have the energy to. But I am here now to continue on my diary, just to inform you 'bout that. Cheers!

Saturday, November 17, 2001

boom boom boom boom

Dear Diary
Now I have been sitting in a computer terminal ALL day... My head is pounding.

Friday, November 16, 2001

we are bad bad chicks when there is a lecture

Dear Diary.
At this moment I'm working on the assignment at home :P as I've just come back from a walk with the dog and my friend J. My doggie was the only one to go crazy this time. (J.K. J!!!) The lecture today was quite fun, J, C and I read C's brother's essay which was (in mild terms) funny. The guy in front of us got quite annoyed ,though, and called us disrespectful. Respect for him? No way! And that is all for now. (Must work, my darlings!)

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Click here to help me find songs please!

Dear Diary
Now I'm sitting in my Dads office, waiting for some printouts to arrive. And then I'm gonna have a lecture at 14:15, for then to go ALL THE WAY down to the computer terminal in the computer building. It is quite a distance off, in fact a whole subway station off. But walking there is far more efficient than taking the subway. OH well.
Some more stuff. I need recommendations here. Recommendations for songs. Because there is this special genre, as I like to call it, which is techno/trance with backing opera-like vocals, kinda spiritual and stuff. Here is a list of these kinds of songs that I already know and love, I would like to hear more of these kinds of songs (So if you happen to stumble upon this page and you know similar songs, please please mail me with a list of these, I would be happy just for one song! Thanks):
DJ Sakin and Friends - Protect your mind (Braveheart)
DJ Sakin and Friends - Nomansland
Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky
DJ Quicksilver - Heart of Asia
DJ Quicksilver - Ameno
And an update on my reading: I have less than 100 pages left on the second book (The Two Towers) of The Lord of the Rings. I still find that book great! Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fabulous, as Maya and The Tamperer say. I recommend to anyone I yet haven't recommended it to!
Well, I guess that is all I have to say for this moment, see ya sumtime! :P

Monday, November 12, 2001

i want to work, believe it or not!

Dear Diary.At this moment I am sitting in my Dads office, not being able to work on any other compy, as they are all taken. Thought I just would drop you a line, being on the web. I have a lecture at 14:15, which I am looking so much forward to!!!! :P Anyway, see ya around!

I'm stuffed. OH GAWD!!!

Dear Diary
Today I have been to my Grandparents, who live far out in farmer country. We had a huge dinner, dessert and "coffee and cake", which have left me feeling quite bloated. Or whatever you say about eating too much. I just feel bloated (!!!).
A couple of days ago I got an invitation from my summer job place( to come for a winter weekend stay. I worked there last year as well, where I did go to this stay or gathering or whatever. We had to work. At first, this year, initially I did not wanna go, but I came to a conclusion in the car on the way home. I've left so many garments there that I thought I might as well go. There's a sweater up there I really miss. I just hope noone has stolen it... I really hope to get it back. So I'm going. And I also get to meet old friends, yadda yadda. A good point is that I get a break off my normal life. (Phew!)
Well, thats it for today I guess...

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Sick of it all

Dear Diary
I feel sick now.
Sick of computer stuff, sick of a bright screen, sick of everything. Work, work, work! Must it be this bad?

Saturday, November 10, 2001

I am working now, I don't have time to write anything interesting

Dear Diary.
Today I am working on two assignments. I have to work more, yes, I know it. But my willpower is not a great one. Anyway, I just wanna say that I have nothing to tell you at this moment, I will in some hours when I am finished with my assignments. Meanwhile... I'll be working and you'll be resting. Most likely. Lucky bastard.

Friday, November 9, 2001

I like to talk about myself. Or so it seems...

Dear Diary
As I've already written loads today, there is nothing else I have in mind to put down the screen (just to have some visual sensation going here). And hey, if you are wondering what to get me for X-mas (and you understand Norwegian), then I have a wishlist posted at *** (in Norwegian, if you still haven't gotten that). I'm still reading "The Fellowship of the Ring, which I ADORE! (in case you wonder which chapter I'm on, its "The Council of Elrond". Soon I'm gonna go to bed and READ. It is incredible how dull TV really gets when you really get into reading. Yes, I am the average couch potato, but I've had my off periods. My advice is: read books (you can ALWAYS find a genre you like), get fresh air (just move baby, move!) and listen to music (I, at least, need my daily dosage of noise).
I might as well tell you about the kind of music I like. When I'm having a bad day, I usually listen to some crappy superficial Scandinavian pop/dance (Aqua-like music, if you know what I mean) but what really takes me to another level is trance. I'm not a total trance freak and I like the tunes that are catchy, the old classics like "The Launch". I LOVE DJ Sakin and Friends, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Tiësto and DJ Jean. As soon as I discover more of this music, I'll be more broad-minded about it. Yes, you trance-fans out there, I'm not a PURE fan as you may call it, but I'm just me. Remixes of classical music always hit it home with me, that is the usual way I discover classical music that I like. Other classical music I was fed with through school, family, etc through my upbringing.
I'm a person of many genres. I was a huge hip-hop fan some years ago, but that part of me is just GONE and I'm glad. OKAY, that's enough blab for tonight, so I'll see ya around?

OH MY GAWD, it has snowed all day!

Dear Diary.
OH JOY. It is snowing... I didn't realise how little I missed snow until it arrived. I'm wearing these really huge childish boots which makes it all... well... interesting. I get weird looks from people as these boots are moonboots... In addition to that I have a hat that makes me look like a fraggle. And a belt that my sis bought at a flea market. It is so cool, so 60s! So today has been an interesting day. I never dress extremely strange, so when I sometimes wear something a LITTLE out of the ordinary compared to others, I don't care about the looks and perhaps the laughs. I rise above them as the special person that I am. Although I look normal I am a pretty odd person. In addition to this I was planning to wear two watches and lotsa bracelets, but I limited both.
So I'm presently wearing one watch, a couple of crappy pearl bracelets I got from a magazine, in addition to a piece of haywire/haystring, whatever you wanna call it, that is a memory from this summer and the one before (I worked with horses far up in the mountains...). I have other bracelets that help me remember things. For example, I have another bracelet, a really crappy glass and metal thing that I got before I went to Ayia Napa. I used to have a RUSS 2001 one, but I cut it off for work one day. I thought it would look pathetic to wear a ticket armband when you worked at an amusement park... I have a bracelet of round blue stones, and two metal parts to it, one says "Wisdom" and the other is shaped like an owl. It reminds me of failing IB, which I almost did... I can't remember any other ones at this moment, but I have a couple. Apart from the fake pearl bracelets and the hayband and the blue Nike sports watch I am wearing a really cool necklace, which matches my obsession with fantasy. It is a leather chain with a big metal pendant that has a big blue sligtly pointed, yet round, glass stone on it. I love it because it makes me feel magical. I know I am strange.
After going on and on about footwear and accesories, I guess I should tell of something else now. Well, I have a cold, a slight one, so I hope to stay home tomorrow as I have no lectures nor groups whatsoever. And it's Friday! But I don't feel like heavy partying. I've had enough of that in the last 3-4 years, so I feel I've grown out of it. Except when on holiday, of course, that's completely different.
Yesterday I saw this really good movie, called "Deep in my Heart". It wasn't as heartbreaking as the channel that broadcasted it was promising, but with sadness as a red line it did have sweet and happy moments. If I have anything else to write, I dunno. Oh, I DID send a mail to M, after she was as nice as to reply to my wonderful Halloween card. And she's gonna send me her book in about three weeks. That'll be great! Well, now I gotta go, as I have a group to attend. If all goes well, I'll be seeing YOU later!

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

finally found what i was looking for

Dear Diary
I just discovered something wonderful! Anne McCaffrey was the name of the author!!!! She wrote all those cool books. Anne McCaffrey! Well I found out browsing through and the archives at the local library... Innit great?

the story of my fantasy obsession

Dear Diary.
Has been a long while, hasn't it? Well now I am fixing up my assignment which I just know I'm gonna get back for another try. Yesterday I read the book "The Hobbit" by Tolkien which was really good. The reason for reading it is the fact that I'm starting on "The Lord of the Rings" now. I really love fantasy litterature especially because of the magical creatures. My favourite creatures, however, are unicorns.
Why am I actually into this? Well, you would never had guessed it before. But it HAS been in me all these years, I just haven't had the time and will to begin "practising" my slight obsession. It all started with two movies. I haven't read the books that they were based on yet, but I am planning to. These books were "Brothers Lionheart" by Astrid Lindgren and "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle. The love for fantasy was further enhanced by a lot of Disney films through the years, but mostly by seeing the movie based on "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende and the movie "Krull". In addition to these I did read a book from a series of books about 5-6 years ago. I don't remember the name of the author, but the books were of mostly dragons and humans as I remember. I think they were written by a woman, but I don't remember her name. If anyone does, please drop me a line!
I would be most grateful.
Well, now I gotta go work, so that I can go on reading tonight! See ya!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

mailing and mailing... hehe

Dear Diary
At the moment I'm trying to work on my oblig at the same time as I'm terrorizing H, C and S with stoopid mails. Just sent one of them a really long mail full of bull. Yes, I have no life... OKI, back to work! B-bye

I am working now, dudes!

Dear Diary
At this moment I'm working on my stoopid oblig which isn't hard, but LONG. What have I done this week? Basically I have worked, eaten and slept plus walked the dog quite a lot. But I gotta get back to work here, so I'll see ya later sumtime (probably today if I get REALLY sick of working)

Monday, October 29, 2001

what i did this weekend

Dear Diary
Today I got up at 11:40, thinking it was 12:40. We've switched to summertime, which is good. This weekend I went to a fancy schmancy resaurant with my fam as well as some french movie, which was really good. (Don't remember the title, but the main characters name was Amélie or whatever.) Well, so today I'm gonna work on my stoopid oblig. See ya!

Sunday, October 28, 2001

lazy day and café

Dear Diary
I got up reall late today. (SATURDAY!!! WHOPEE!!! I really feel like partying tonight, but unfortunately I don't have that kinda money to waste. I just really hope I get that job, so that I DO get some money to waste (HEHE...) Today I haven't done much, but later I'm gonna go with my fam to this really fancy café. I hope the food and stuff is gonna be good. That's all for this moment. B-bye!

Saturday, October 27, 2001

nerve wreck and a boring evening ahead

Dear Diary
Today has been quite an interesting day. I got up one hour earlier today than the last couple of days and I did get the call from my possible future employers. The conversation was kind of an interview, but I always get SO nervous at those. I don't know what I'll say about how it went, as I don't want to make a fool outta myself either way. WHY OH WHY do I always get that nervous? Oh well...
We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner, but my appetite hasn't been at its peak lately (even tho it IS my favourite meal) so I ate very little. Now a boring evening with my little sis lies ahead. Maybe we'll see a film and I'll gain another pound of candy. *SIGH*
Oh well. B-bye

Friday, October 26, 2001

interesting t-bane ride yesterday

Dear Diary
Yesterday I had no energy to go and make an entry here, so I'll write about just that day now. I was forced up at 11:00 and read a bit'o compy stuff before I left at 13:30 to catch the 13:39 subway from Eiksmarka station.
The back cart that I chose was stuffed with junior high students (YIKES!) who did make a lot of noise. I found out that their'e just like they were 5 years ago. A strange man sitting opposite of me found them horribly annoying and started saying really strange things about them... to me. As he didn't look completely normal I just nodded. He mumbled most of what he said anyway. One thing that struck me when I got off on Majorstua (so were these students, unfortunately) that these little boys cannot control their saliva. WHY OH WHY do they have to spit all the time? It's disgusting.
Well, after catching the subway in another direction, I arrived at Blindern and went to my wonderful lecture. Which was quite dull, I don't see why the lecturers just say something instead of puuuuuulllllllliiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg it out to maximum length. Geez! In the break, I went to buy buns for my friends. (I only agreed to this because I was horribly hungry, my stomach had been rumbling for 30 mins)
When the lecture was finally over, I went to meet I downtown cuz she had to buy some stuff for a party. And I just luuuv to go shopping. She ended up buying one turtleneck sweater and a pair of pants. I have also found several things that I wanna buy for myself, being the material girl that I am. These items include a cool denim Levi's belt and a sweet pair of jeans with back pockets shaped like hearts, both from JC. And a pair of beige pants at Morgan. Their'e just like some pants I have from before, but not as long, so I can wear 'em with flat shoes instead of balancing around on heels 24/7.
Then I got home at about 20:45, took the doggie for a walk and watched some telly. I did not have the energy to on the internet or whatever. Well, that was all for yesterday, today I'll be home all day vacuuming plus waiting for a phone call. So I'll tell you how that went tonight.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

walk and research

Dear DiaryAnother cold day. I got up at 10:55 which I found too early, but it went OK. Then I did some research on Akershus festning and northern lights on the internet, which actually proved quite interesting.
Later I took the dog for a walk and that dirty dog attacked me, leaving dirt all over my jeans and face. NOT a nice experience.
Well that was all for today I guess. Gonna phone I now. So byebye.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

not a big day

Dear Diary
Since my earlier entry today I've done more stuff. I've studied some computer science in my "Java Gently", and 16:30 I walked the dog with my friend I. The walk was about an hour long, it would have been longer had I not been in a hurry to catch the group lesson. On the way home I met J whom I talked with for a while, as she had basically the same way home. At my arrival my parents had come home and I had time to eat a couple of sausages. Because I was in a hurry, my dad was as kind as to drive me down to the subway station.
The group lesson was quite educational, as usual, and after this I went straight to I's as we agreed to to see the new clothes she had bought. Then I went home. But now I gotta go see Friends...

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

B-O-R-E-D and booored is my state-o!

Dear Diary
It is the middle of the day and I haven't done MUCH today. At this moment I'm chatting with J on MSN messenger and downloading Michael Jackson songs. I should be working, but I don't have the energy to. I walked my dog this morning. (It is COLD today, below freezing), who showed her gratefulness by attacking me. MAN, that pissed me off!
My sis is ill (or so she says) and is staying home from school today. I don't have anything until 18:00, so I do have a lot of time today. I gotta work even tho it sucks! And I gotta sign up for those stupid SATs. Gotta call lotsa places for that. Butbut. Now that I don't have any more additions to this, I guess I'll see ya later then!

Late morning, annoying people

Dear Diary
A new week has officially arrived. This morning I was woken up (not brutally, but early) as I yesterday had promised to walk Pheebs this morning. It was quite a nice walk.
Back home I fell asleep and slept quite late. I didn't leave the house until 13:30 to catch the subway for my 14:00 lecture. It did come (late as usual), but the cart I entered was full of fourteen-year-olds exiting. They were taking quite some time doing this. One of them was obviously gonna sit one more station and started play-fighting with this other boy. Two girls were holding the doors open so that the train couldn't leave. This did not last for long, however. I needed the subway to be quick, or else I would miss another one and be late, so I told these little people to get out. And so these two girls and one of the boys did. And the train could leave. I did get some dirty looks from one of the girls, but I did not want to wait for an extra 10 minutes because of them. I don't care what they think of me anyway.
The latest week I haven't had much of an appetite, so my breakfast consisted of only a glass of milk. All through the lecture I devoured raspberry candies. I love that kinda candy. The lecture was DULL, as usual, but I DID manage to make me a paper airplane.
When the lecture was over I met E at Borgen station and got my watch back (Thank you!) and went home to eat Spaghetti Bolognese. Very good. My dad had come back from the States and brought me a fresh copy of Vogue, just like I requested.
After dinner and dessert I walked my dog with my sis through the dark, SCHPOOKY forest. So that's the last thing I did before coming home and writing this. And I'm gonna get a phone call on Friday (WHOOPEE!)
One more thing: I've decided to quit maths. It is too hard for me. I wanna pass one subject, so that I can keep my position.

Monday, October 22, 2001

a blonde interview

Dear Diary
Today has been a wonderful day. I got up at 6:00 because I had to get fixed and ready for the interview. And I usually need a lot of time to get ready. I left the house at 07:45, a time that is early for me. That time used to be 5 mins later than my earliest leaving time, but late lectures have spoilt me.
After taking the subway, the tram and walking for a bit, I arrived at NKS Høyskolesenter, the interview place at about 08:25. At first we recieved a lot of information about the job, in addition to being informed about the main rules and regulations. Then each and every one of us were called in for the interview, which lasted about ten minutes. I was quite satisfied with mine and I think I am well qualified for the job, having worked in the amusement park business.
I recieved a phone call from my friend C, who invited to go see a movie. Having absolutely nothing to do, I thanked "Yes" and after vacuuming the house (well, most of it) went to see "Legally Blonde". Which was an excellent film. I really enjoyed it.
When the film had ended, I met J and M, who actually had seen the same film! What a coincidence! I talked about the interview with them and they thought I should consider going to the States because of recent world events and the situation the world is in. I ignored their worrying opinions as I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world. (Well maybe for the world, but it's a figure of speech, you moron!)
Anyway, I have now gotten home and had no energy to walk the dog with my mom and sis. After all, I've done a lot today. It's at this moment I realise how much I've actually been walking today. I'll guess I'll see YOU tomorrow!

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Haircut and runaway dog

Dear Diary.
I have been desperately trying to get in touch with E to get my watch back. E, if you read this: I need my watch back! I really need it back cuz I need to keep track of time! Please call me (at home, I've lost my mobile...) as soon as you read this (as long as it's not after ten, cuz my fam goes to bed...
And I've walked the dog twice today. The first time she ran away to meet an old friend of hers. Because of that I met my old friend I-J who works nearby. According to her my dog ran in front of the cars to say hello. What a dumb dog I have. Now I'll keep her on the leash forever. The other time I walked her today she behaved. But then she was kept on the leash 100% of the time.
At this moment I'm washing clothes for my job interview tomorrow. I gotta dress real conservatively and so I'm washing my most preppy clothes. In addition to this I got a haircut today. OK, I look like I was frozen like Austin Powers (for the non-intelligent people out there: I looked sixties...) but I just need to get used to it, I guess. My hair just needs to relax from the shock. Tomorrow it'll look fine. I hope.
Well... did anything else interesting happen today? Yeah, I really hate it when people wake me up too early. My sister is a morning person and I'm the complete opposite. I love late nights and getting up in the afternoon. She woke me up real early cuz she wanted to eat and watch telly while still in bed. GAWD! We got into a major fight and so I HAD to get up cuz I couldn't get more sleep.
So that's it for this day... hope that my interview tomorrow goes well. See ya later darling!

Saturday, October 20, 2001

color line and a walk with the dog

Dear Diary
I have been thinking. And I feel guilty not writing anything now.
Well... since I JUST created the diary, I might as well tell you about some recent (or non-recent) happenings and crap like that.
Today my friend E called me. She asked me whether I wanted to take the Color Line Ferry (slang: Danskebåten) down to Kiel in Germany on the 26th. I wanted to, but I wasn't sure, because I'm a poor poor college student. But this resulted in me not going cuz my mom muttered something about London. And London is far better than Kiel, any moron knows that. I have actually NEVER been to England. Being an international person, I find that strange, but it's just coincidental. Plain tickets are cheap now, that gives me more of a reason to go. Here is a list of countries I have been to (in no particular order):
Czech Republic
And the only countries I've lived in are the States and Norway.
Hmmmmm, maybe I'm not such an international person after all. Only western civilisations. I would like to go to more exotic countries though. I wonder if I'll ever have the opportunity.
But now I gotta walk my doggie, so I'll have to finish for this time being. I will see you tomorrow? Good night!

an extremely lazy stupid day

Dear Diary
EEEEEUUH, that oblig!
Well... it's all over now, phew.
I tried to phone the US embassy today to sign up for SAT's. The educational department (which's phone number I found on the web) where not to handle this, they gave me another number to call. Kay, I thought, and dialled this number. Turned out they were open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00! Stoopid opening times, kinda like the Wine Monopoly. But I'll call them some other time.
And I can't go out tonight, cuz I have to stay home with my lil' sis in case something happens. Do I hear the word DULL ringing in my head? And the job interview on Sunday... I'm so freakin' nervous about it. But I'll try to survive. Oh, that reminds me I have to wash clothes for it. Hmmmmm. I like washing clothes tho. Some weird, twisted part of me, right?
My dog is such a spoilt dog. Such a spoilt dog. She is indeed the master of the house. Except when I've had enough of her jumping and begging and crawling. No, she's not THAT bad. But sometimes it can develop into extreme situations. It is pitch black outside. I can hear the noises of the subway (which isn't underground here...) outside. I'm working on my homepage, even though it is terribly boring. And I'm listening to music. Well... not right now, I'll put on a song, hold on......................................
Just got "Blink 182 - All the Small things" into my system. Oh yeah, I use Audiogalaxy. I recommend it to everyone... anyone (except if you have a modem... get a life!). Even though it is an old song, I love it. And the video is still brilliant!
What else do I have to say?
Well nothing much when I come to think of it. Except: they have started showing Charlie's Angels on TV3. That show rocks! At least I like it. Well, I'll write some more stuff later sometime. Chiao!

Friday, October 19, 2001


Dear diary.
Still struggling

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001

Dear Diary.

Today has been a boring day. I got up at 06:30 to walk my sweet lil Golden Retriever. Then after taking some time to get ready I finally left to go work on my maths assignment. And it does have Java programming and shit in it, so it is really hard! (Yes, I'm STILL working on it!!! The underground was late cuz of some stoopid electrical stuff downtown. (It was in fact 12 minutes late... which is 8 mins more than usual!)

I worked until about 16:45, when I left to go home. I couldn't stand the computer room anymore. So I went home, ate sausages with "lompe" and ketchup with my fam (except my dad, who's in the states) and went back to working... So here I am... I'll keep this you updated on when I finish. (I WILL celebrate... HURRAH!!!)