Saturday, July 31, 2004

i wish you'd never met him

We used to sit and talk about this for hours on end. Now you suddenly don't care about what I have to say. I have only tried to help you and I've only been myself through it all. I'm sorry you can't accept that, so go fuck yourself.
Geez, I'm so sorry I didn't stop right there and talk for half an hour, I was already late for work because of the fucking subway. Are we that good friends anyway? Plus, I never wrote anything on your website, so fuck you too.
Now I feel you guys deserve each other. You're so special anyway, both of you, right? Not shallow, stupid, childish and backtalking like me.
Appreciate life. Because it is truly a gift. That goes for both of you.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

weaving and weaving

Dear Diary.
Today I downloaded and played a game called Loom. I remembered it from when I was little and fortunately found it. I love the mood of that game. The plot, the surroundings, everything, is so timeless and enchanting. Then again, I kinda have a thing for those old games, as an example, KQ6 is another favorite of mine. But Loom... is thrilling. I'm just sad there haven't been made sequels to it. Yes, this is what I do when I'm under the weather. Reliving those freaky old memories. But I'm tired. G'night.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

baby i got your money, don't you worry

Dear Diary.
I hate being sick. It makes me think too much. And when I do that, I get upset. I cry. Well... at least almost. There's nothing to see on TV. I just realized that yesterday. At least there's CSI today. I love CSI. You see, for some reason I'm not in the mood to read books. I love and adore books. But I'm certainly not in the mood for them. I don't know why? Why?
I think I'm growing. I hope I'm growing. On the inside, of course. It certainly feels that way in the way that I get tired of everything. Everything that used to amuse me. I'm not looking forward to anything, which is sad, as I feel a person always has to have something to look forward to, in order to stay sane.
In other words I feel loca and depressed. And I'm not earning any money either, being sick. Enough with the complaining. I'm actually a fortunate person, am I not?