Tuesday, July 13, 2004

baby i got your money, don't you worry

Dear Diary.
I hate being sick. It makes me think too much. And when I do that, I get upset. I cry. Well... at least almost. There's nothing to see on TV. I just realized that yesterday. At least there's CSI today. I love CSI. You see, for some reason I'm not in the mood to read books. I love and adore books. But I'm certainly not in the mood for them. I don't know why? Why?
I think I'm growing. I hope I'm growing. On the inside, of course. It certainly feels that way in the way that I get tired of everything. Everything that used to amuse me. I'm not looking forward to anything, which is sad, as I feel a person always has to have something to look forward to, in order to stay sane.
In other words I feel loca and depressed. And I'm not earning any money either, being sick. Enough with the complaining. I'm actually a fortunate person, am I not?

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