Sunday, January 31, 2010

Around the house

What I'm wearing today:

Pink and white tank top with this beautiful print


The ugliest but most comfy platform-ish shoes ever... Skecher Shape-Ups!
(Spice Girls foot pose not included)


Ripped torn jeans (and another rocking Spice Girls pose)


Pink mini-scrunchie for my bad hair-day


And a lovely lip-balm (picture of chapped lips won't be put up here...)


Lovely day for pink, my darlings ;)

So much snow

I have decided to blog partially because I consider myself a bit of a publicity whore. Partially because I have some things in my life I need to process, blogging helps me do this. But I guess the main reason is because I really do love writing. Not in the journalistic sense, just in general. The only problem is, I haven't written anything proper in years, so I'm counting on a bit of stumbling around in the beginning.
I have decided to start reading books again, as, technically, it is my second love after writing. Starting off with this one:


I read it several years ago (2001 to be exact) in English. I've had the Spanish version lying around for a while, so now I've decided to start and finish the damn thing.

Enjoy the snow, those of you who can!
Un beso

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another new beginning

So we all need a new start sometimes. What I've been through lately has been exhausting, but I will continue on with my strange life.
On to other matters, here's what I've been doing with my chill weekend:

Played with my new Jersey Shore iPhone Application...

Fake tans are great:

Put all of my CDs and some books away for storage:

In order to do that, I digitized the music I wanted and put it on my iPhone. Since this laptop is kinda crappy, I had to use an old external CD station (which, by the way, was superior in speed...):

I have also reorganized most of my shoes...

and all of my books...

In my opinion, my weekend has been quite productive, considering I'm still quite sick.  Having fixed these things, I definitely feel refreshed and ready for a new week... nice!

The only bad thing I have these really bad food cravings I just can't seem to shake! Candy, pasta and red meat, please!