Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I wanted spring to come...

Dear Diary
Today has somehow been a strange day, but I don't know why. Why does a garment have two different care instructions when neither is correct? Polyester IS durable, not some trashy shit. Very annoying. They just want to ensure nobody complains about the durability. Cheap suckers.
It snowed today. I wanted spring to come, I even smelt the disgusting smell of methane, the one that shows up when ice "rots". But the ice in our garden sure stuck to the ground. So the worst combination is now present: slippery ice with newly fallen snow on top and the oh-so rotten stench floating through the air. Quite like those oozing swamp-gases you see in horror movies. And falling on your back isn't fun. Especially when the dog you are trying to control thinks you are playing games. Sometimes I just hate Norway.
I pulled this personality-ish test on me yesterday. So sorry, but I'm not a big fan of those. They make me feel really bad, sort of depressed. But that's my natural reaction to them. Nothing I can do to hinder that feeling.
I was also lucky enough to see all the wonderful pictures she had taken from our sweet lil parties. I might be able to put them up on my site later... I'll see. I love seeing what we actually have been up to, being reminded of the specific people and happenings. Sweet.
And Examen Philosophicum?
Boring as always...

Thursday, February 7, 2002

i am SO sick of this weather

Dear Diary
At this moment I'm sitting in the compy terminal/hall/whatever at UiO. On Tuesday I went and saw "Ghost World" with J. (My lovely friends J, I, J and C couldn't make it... hmmmm) Although that movie ranked with "Eggs" and "American Beauty" in weirdness and oddity, it was good. (Something I cannot say about "Eggs") What else have I done? Oh yeah, yesterday I FINALLY managed to buy the rest of my books. The clerk laughed at me... It was a great amount of books. I just kept piling them up for him. And he kept laughing... or should I say giggling. J's sis T has become member of a band that plays here at UiO next Wednesday, something I must see, of course (and congrats T!).
Hmmmmm... oh yes. Tuesday morning I went to the dentist, which for me is always an unpleasant experience physically, although I am glad I don't see the school dentists anymore, they are SO grumpy and bitchy. THIS morning I tried to call Bærum likningskontor to ask them to send me a Frikort, but (lucky me), they obviously kept open all days except this date specifically. How unlucky can you be? I didn't start swearing at the phone, but I was pretty close to doing just that. It is colder today than it has been the rest of the week. A max of 3 degrees celsius is pretty boring, and I'm not even bothering to put on a winter coat. There always comes a time in Jan/Feb for me where I get REALLY sick of wearing big ol' stoopid warm coats. I hate wool and feathers now. I really hate it.
So later today after I've studied for a bit, I might go shopping. There's this t-shirt that's so gorgeous, I really wanna buy it. I just hope that store still has it. But as not a lotta things are going on right now, I might as well quit here. Bye bye baby!

Monday, February 4, 2002

his nose goes in and back out again!

Dear Diary
Today does not feel good. I think I am getting a migraine, so I am going home now. But first I'm gonna buy those lovely books for my curriculum. LUV 'em LUV 'em! No more stuff to share, unfortunately... 'cept the wonderful change that I have made here. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love the background, love it love it. Yes, I'm tired as well... I saw this great movie yesterday with E, K, etc called "Behind enemy lines". Great one, not too much American patriotism in it either... But the main actor (whats-his-name/face) has the STRANGEST nose. But my sis thinks he's cute... Hmmmmmmmm
Guess my sis has a different taste than me. (But I do agree that, apart from the nose, he is good-looking)

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

lice and ear infection

Dear Diary
Today I feel very neutral. Life feels very weird at the moment. A very mechanical existence is what this feels like.
Just found out I have no lectures today. I feel like writing, working or just dozing off. But that is just me.
Back to the mechanical part. Everyone is so emotional at this point in time and when all I do is study (and doze off, exercise and all that shit) everything turns one big grey mass of habits and daily rituals. Maybe I should take my dog for a walk today. It has been a long time since I did that. But poor little girl, she's got lice AND an ear infection.
I'll write more later today...

i feel tired right now

Dear Diary
Having had MANY (erm) requests to update my diary, I will. In a little over an hour my Astronomy lecture will start... that will be FUN... Had a philosophy lecture an hour AGO, which was not the most entertaining thing I have ever been to.
One thing I wanna tell u ppl is that I got the job in DisneyWorld!!! Wheeeee!!! I am so excited about it, even though I have barely realized that it is indeed a fact.
But, concentrating on other things, my trip to London was excellent. If you wanna hear about it, ask I or J. I cannot be bothered to talk about it...
Now that is all for now... I will write more when I have the energy to.

Friday, January 11, 2002

waiting for my grades...

Dear Diary
Right now I am sitting in my dads office, having nothing to do. Java doesn't work on this stupid version of Netscape, so there is little I can do. Oh well. I'll just stay bored...

Saturday, January 5, 2002

fantasy shit and stupid people who write dumb things...

Dear Diary.
Sorry about the infrequent additions here, but my internet is down at home... Therefore I had to go all the way down to Blindern (my university) to check my e-mail and stuff. Anyway, it is much simpler here. And who is that `e' person who has signed my guestbook. I've managed to narrow it down to 3 possibilities (considering this person is male, I don't know of any females with the initial `e' being mean to me when I am drunk.) But I have been loadsa times. Maybe there are more than 3 options. Hmmmmm...
Well if you don't tell me who you are, I WILL terrorrize all 3 as I hate anonymous stuff (unless it is you, Ida, joking with me as always. But you know my internet is down. And the 27th... Hmmmmm...) Well at least u stoopid person could've left a stoopid e-mail adress or SOMETHING. Enough about that... (***)
New Years Eve was fun... although I did get more intoxicated than I should've... Sorry E and E (think whatever you want about the `e' now, but it WAS written before 2002... Unless someone has been programming a wee bit... I wonder whether I could find out who you are using IP number.) OK... trying NOT to drift back to the same subject here, I'm gonna go to London in a coupla weeks. Well, actually, in one week! I'm gonna celebrate my b-day there, as well as J's, but I am the older one, don't anyone forget that! (Yes, that is the little advantage I do keep when it comes to J.) And we're gonna see THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, which I am sooooo looking forward to. I've read the entire L.O.T.R. and I'm plowing through the Silmarillion at this moment.
Anything else? Hmmmmmmm..... Oh YEAH, I've become a MY LITTLE PONY maniac. And I know all you guys hate that. But I don't care!!!!! I really don't! I just like to do my own thang. Plus I'm gonna update my homepage... soon... But now I gotta go! Bah-bye!