Saturday, January 5, 2002

fantasy shit and stupid people who write dumb things...

Dear Diary.
Sorry about the infrequent additions here, but my internet is down at home... Therefore I had to go all the way down to Blindern (my university) to check my e-mail and stuff. Anyway, it is much simpler here. And who is that `e' person who has signed my guestbook. I've managed to narrow it down to 3 possibilities (considering this person is male, I don't know of any females with the initial `e' being mean to me when I am drunk.) But I have been loadsa times. Maybe there are more than 3 options. Hmmmmm...
Well if you don't tell me who you are, I WILL terrorrize all 3 as I hate anonymous stuff (unless it is you, Ida, joking with me as always. But you know my internet is down. And the 27th... Hmmmmm...) Well at least u stoopid person could've left a stoopid e-mail adress or SOMETHING. Enough about that... (***)
New Years Eve was fun... although I did get more intoxicated than I should've... Sorry E and E (think whatever you want about the `e' now, but it WAS written before 2002... Unless someone has been programming a wee bit... I wonder whether I could find out who you are using IP number.) OK... trying NOT to drift back to the same subject here, I'm gonna go to London in a coupla weeks. Well, actually, in one week! I'm gonna celebrate my b-day there, as well as J's, but I am the older one, don't anyone forget that! (Yes, that is the little advantage I do keep when it comes to J.) And we're gonna see THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, which I am sooooo looking forward to. I've read the entire L.O.T.R. and I'm plowing through the Silmarillion at this moment.
Anything else? Hmmmmmmm..... Oh YEAH, I've become a MY LITTLE PONY maniac. And I know all you guys hate that. But I don't care!!!!! I really don't! I just like to do my own thang. Plus I'm gonna update my homepage... soon... But now I gotta go! Bah-bye!

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