Monday, February 4, 2002

his nose goes in and back out again!

Dear Diary
Today does not feel good. I think I am getting a migraine, so I am going home now. But first I'm gonna buy those lovely books for my curriculum. LUV 'em LUV 'em! No more stuff to share, unfortunately... 'cept the wonderful change that I have made here. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love the background, love it love it. Yes, I'm tired as well... I saw this great movie yesterday with E, K, etc called "Behind enemy lines". Great one, not too much American patriotism in it either... But the main actor (whats-his-name/face) has the STRANGEST nose. But my sis thinks he's cute... Hmmmmmmmm
Guess my sis has a different taste than me. (But I do agree that, apart from the nose, he is good-looking)

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