Thursday, February 7, 2002

i am SO sick of this weather

Dear Diary
At this moment I'm sitting in the compy terminal/hall/whatever at UiO. On Tuesday I went and saw "Ghost World" with J. (My lovely friends J, I, J and C couldn't make it... hmmmm) Although that movie ranked with "Eggs" and "American Beauty" in weirdness and oddity, it was good. (Something I cannot say about "Eggs") What else have I done? Oh yeah, yesterday I FINALLY managed to buy the rest of my books. The clerk laughed at me... It was a great amount of books. I just kept piling them up for him. And he kept laughing... or should I say giggling. J's sis T has become member of a band that plays here at UiO next Wednesday, something I must see, of course (and congrats T!).
Hmmmmm... oh yes. Tuesday morning I went to the dentist, which for me is always an unpleasant experience physically, although I am glad I don't see the school dentists anymore, they are SO grumpy and bitchy. THIS morning I tried to call Bærum likningskontor to ask them to send me a Frikort, but (lucky me), they obviously kept open all days except this date specifically. How unlucky can you be? I didn't start swearing at the phone, but I was pretty close to doing just that. It is colder today than it has been the rest of the week. A max of 3 degrees celsius is pretty boring, and I'm not even bothering to put on a winter coat. There always comes a time in Jan/Feb for me where I get REALLY sick of wearing big ol' stoopid warm coats. I hate wool and feathers now. I really hate it.
So later today after I've studied for a bit, I might go shopping. There's this t-shirt that's so gorgeous, I really wanna buy it. I just hope that store still has it. But as not a lotta things are going on right now, I might as well quit here. Bye bye baby!

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