Tuesday, February 12, 2002

I wanted spring to come...

Dear Diary
Today has somehow been a strange day, but I don't know why. Why does a garment have two different care instructions when neither is correct? Polyester IS durable, not some trashy shit. Very annoying. They just want to ensure nobody complains about the durability. Cheap suckers.
It snowed today. I wanted spring to come, I even smelt the disgusting smell of methane, the one that shows up when ice "rots". But the ice in our garden sure stuck to the ground. So the worst combination is now present: slippery ice with newly fallen snow on top and the oh-so rotten stench floating through the air. Quite like those oozing swamp-gases you see in horror movies. And falling on your back isn't fun. Especially when the dog you are trying to control thinks you are playing games. Sometimes I just hate Norway.
I pulled this personality-ish test on me yesterday. So sorry, but I'm not a big fan of those. They make me feel really bad, sort of depressed. But that's my natural reaction to them. Nothing I can do to hinder that feeling.
I was also lucky enough to see all the wonderful pictures she had taken from our sweet lil parties. I might be able to put them up on my site later... I'll see. I love seeing what we actually have been up to, being reminded of the specific people and happenings. Sweet.
And Examen Philosophicum?
Boring as always...

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