Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another new beginning

So we all need a new start sometimes. What I've been through lately has been exhausting, but I will continue on with my strange life.
On to other matters, here's what I've been doing with my chill weekend:

Played with my new Jersey Shore iPhone Application...

Fake tans are great:

Put all of my CDs and some books away for storage:

In order to do that, I digitized the music I wanted and put it on my iPhone. Since this laptop is kinda crappy, I had to use an old external CD station (which, by the way, was superior in speed...):

I have also reorganized most of my shoes...

and all of my books...

In my opinion, my weekend has been quite productive, considering I'm still quite sick.  Having fixed these things, I definitely feel refreshed and ready for a new week... nice!

The only bad thing I have these really bad food cravings I just can't seem to shake! Candy, pasta and red meat, please!

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