Monday, October 22, 2001

a blonde interview

Dear Diary
Today has been a wonderful day. I got up at 6:00 because I had to get fixed and ready for the interview. And I usually need a lot of time to get ready. I left the house at 07:45, a time that is early for me. That time used to be 5 mins later than my earliest leaving time, but late lectures have spoilt me.
After taking the subway, the tram and walking for a bit, I arrived at NKS Høyskolesenter, the interview place at about 08:25. At first we recieved a lot of information about the job, in addition to being informed about the main rules and regulations. Then each and every one of us were called in for the interview, which lasted about ten minutes. I was quite satisfied with mine and I think I am well qualified for the job, having worked in the amusement park business.
I recieved a phone call from my friend C, who invited to go see a movie. Having absolutely nothing to do, I thanked "Yes" and after vacuuming the house (well, most of it) went to see "Legally Blonde". Which was an excellent film. I really enjoyed it.
When the film had ended, I met J and M, who actually had seen the same film! What a coincidence! I talked about the interview with them and they thought I should consider going to the States because of recent world events and the situation the world is in. I ignored their worrying opinions as I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world. (Well maybe for the world, but it's a figure of speech, you moron!)
Anyway, I have now gotten home and had no energy to walk the dog with my mom and sis. After all, I've done a lot today. It's at this moment I realise how much I've actually been walking today. I'll guess I'll see YOU tomorrow!

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