Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Late morning, annoying people

Dear Diary
A new week has officially arrived. This morning I was woken up (not brutally, but early) as I yesterday had promised to walk Pheebs this morning. It was quite a nice walk.
Back home I fell asleep and slept quite late. I didn't leave the house until 13:30 to catch the subway for my 14:00 lecture. It did come (late as usual), but the cart I entered was full of fourteen-year-olds exiting. They were taking quite some time doing this. One of them was obviously gonna sit one more station and started play-fighting with this other boy. Two girls were holding the doors open so that the train couldn't leave. This did not last for long, however. I needed the subway to be quick, or else I would miss another one and be late, so I told these little people to get out. And so these two girls and one of the boys did. And the train could leave. I did get some dirty looks from one of the girls, but I did not want to wait for an extra 10 minutes because of them. I don't care what they think of me anyway.
The latest week I haven't had much of an appetite, so my breakfast consisted of only a glass of milk. All through the lecture I devoured raspberry candies. I love that kinda candy. The lecture was DULL, as usual, but I DID manage to make me a paper airplane.
When the lecture was over I met E at Borgen station and got my watch back (Thank you!) and went home to eat Spaghetti Bolognese. Very good. My dad had come back from the States and brought me a fresh copy of Vogue, just like I requested.
After dinner and dessert I walked my dog with my sis through the dark, SCHPOOKY forest. So that's the last thing I did before coming home and writing this. And I'm gonna get a phone call on Friday (WHOOPEE!)
One more thing: I've decided to quit maths. It is too hard for me. I wanna pass one subject, so that I can keep my position.

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