Saturday, October 20, 2001

an extremely lazy stupid day

Dear Diary
EEEEEUUH, that oblig!
Well... it's all over now, phew.
I tried to phone the US embassy today to sign up for SAT's. The educational department (which's phone number I found on the web) where not to handle this, they gave me another number to call. Kay, I thought, and dialled this number. Turned out they were open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00! Stoopid opening times, kinda like the Wine Monopoly. But I'll call them some other time.
And I can't go out tonight, cuz I have to stay home with my lil' sis in case something happens. Do I hear the word DULL ringing in my head? And the job interview on Sunday... I'm so freakin' nervous about it. But I'll try to survive. Oh, that reminds me I have to wash clothes for it. Hmmmmm. I like washing clothes tho. Some weird, twisted part of me, right?
My dog is such a spoilt dog. Such a spoilt dog. She is indeed the master of the house. Except when I've had enough of her jumping and begging and crawling. No, she's not THAT bad. But sometimes it can develop into extreme situations. It is pitch black outside. I can hear the noises of the subway (which isn't underground here...) outside. I'm working on my homepage, even though it is terribly boring. And I'm listening to music. Well... not right now, I'll put on a song, hold on......................................
Just got "Blink 182 - All the Small things" into my system. Oh yeah, I use Audiogalaxy. I recommend it to everyone... anyone (except if you have a modem... get a life!). Even though it is an old song, I love it. And the video is still brilliant!
What else do I have to say?
Well nothing much when I come to think of it. Except: they have started showing Charlie's Angels on TV3. That show rocks! At least I like it. Well, I'll write some more stuff later sometime. Chiao!

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