Saturday, October 20, 2001

color line and a walk with the dog

Dear Diary
I have been thinking. And I feel guilty not writing anything now.
Well... since I JUST created the diary, I might as well tell you about some recent (or non-recent) happenings and crap like that.
Today my friend E called me. She asked me whether I wanted to take the Color Line Ferry (slang: DanskebÄten) down to Kiel in Germany on the 26th. I wanted to, but I wasn't sure, because I'm a poor poor college student. But this resulted in me not going cuz my mom muttered something about London. And London is far better than Kiel, any moron knows that. I have actually NEVER been to England. Being an international person, I find that strange, but it's just coincidental. Plain tickets are cheap now, that gives me more of a reason to go. Here is a list of countries I have been to (in no particular order):
Czech Republic
And the only countries I've lived in are the States and Norway.
Hmmmmm, maybe I'm not such an international person after all. Only western civilisations. I would like to go to more exotic countries though. I wonder if I'll ever have the opportunity.
But now I gotta walk my doggie, so I'll have to finish for this time being. I will see you tomorrow? Good night!

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