Friday, October 26, 2001

interesting t-bane ride yesterday

Dear Diary
Yesterday I had no energy to go and make an entry here, so I'll write about just that day now. I was forced up at 11:00 and read a bit'o compy stuff before I left at 13:30 to catch the 13:39 subway from Eiksmarka station.
The back cart that I chose was stuffed with junior high students (YIKES!) who did make a lot of noise. I found out that their'e just like they were 5 years ago. A strange man sitting opposite of me found them horribly annoying and started saying really strange things about them... to me. As he didn't look completely normal I just nodded. He mumbled most of what he said anyway. One thing that struck me when I got off on Majorstua (so were these students, unfortunately) that these little boys cannot control their saliva. WHY OH WHY do they have to spit all the time? It's disgusting.
Well, after catching the subway in another direction, I arrived at Blindern and went to my wonderful lecture. Which was quite dull, I don't see why the lecturers just say something instead of puuuuuulllllllliiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg it out to maximum length. Geez! In the break, I went to buy buns for my friends. (I only agreed to this because I was horribly hungry, my stomach had been rumbling for 30 mins)
When the lecture was finally over, I went to meet I downtown cuz she had to buy some stuff for a party. And I just luuuv to go shopping. She ended up buying one turtleneck sweater and a pair of pants. I have also found several things that I wanna buy for myself, being the material girl that I am. These items include a cool denim Levi's belt and a sweet pair of jeans with back pockets shaped like hearts, both from JC. And a pair of beige pants at Morgan. Their'e just like some pants I have from before, but not as long, so I can wear 'em with flat shoes instead of balancing around on heels 24/7.
Then I got home at about 20:45, took the doggie for a walk and watched some telly. I did not have the energy to on the internet or whatever. Well, that was all for yesterday, today I'll be home all day vacuuming plus waiting for a phone call. So I'll tell you how that went tonight.

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