Sunday, October 21, 2001

Haircut and runaway dog

Dear Diary.
I have been desperately trying to get in touch with E to get my watch back. E, if you read this: I need my watch back! I really need it back cuz I need to keep track of time! Please call me (at home, I've lost my mobile...) as soon as you read this (as long as it's not after ten, cuz my fam goes to bed...
And I've walked the dog twice today. The first time she ran away to meet an old friend of hers. Because of that I met my old friend I-J who works nearby. According to her my dog ran in front of the cars to say hello. What a dumb dog I have. Now I'll keep her on the leash forever. The other time I walked her today she behaved. But then she was kept on the leash 100% of the time.
At this moment I'm washing clothes for my job interview tomorrow. I gotta dress real conservatively and so I'm washing my most preppy clothes. In addition to this I got a haircut today. OK, I look like I was frozen like Austin Powers (for the non-intelligent people out there: I looked sixties...) but I just need to get used to it, I guess. My hair just needs to relax from the shock. Tomorrow it'll look fine. I hope.
Well... did anything else interesting happen today? Yeah, I really hate it when people wake me up too early. My sister is a morning person and I'm the complete opposite. I love late nights and getting up in the afternoon. She woke me up real early cuz she wanted to eat and watch telly while still in bed. GAWD! We got into a major fight and so I HAD to get up cuz I couldn't get more sleep.
So that's it for this day... hope that my interview tomorrow goes well. See ya later darling!

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