Monday, November 12, 2001

I'm stuffed. OH GAWD!!!

Dear Diary
Today I have been to my Grandparents, who live far out in farmer country. We had a huge dinner, dessert and "coffee and cake", which have left me feeling quite bloated. Or whatever you say about eating too much. I just feel bloated (!!!).
A couple of days ago I got an invitation from my summer job place( to come for a winter weekend stay. I worked there last year as well, where I did go to this stay or gathering or whatever. We had to work. At first, this year, initially I did not wanna go, but I came to a conclusion in the car on the way home. I've left so many garments there that I thought I might as well go. There's a sweater up there I really miss. I just hope noone has stolen it... I really hope to get it back. So I'm going. And I also get to meet old friends, yadda yadda. A good point is that I get a break off my normal life. (Phew!)
Well, thats it for today I guess...

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