Friday, November 9, 2001

I like to talk about myself. Or so it seems...

Dear Diary
As I've already written loads today, there is nothing else I have in mind to put down the screen (just to have some visual sensation going here). And hey, if you are wondering what to get me for X-mas (and you understand Norwegian), then I have a wishlist posted at *** (in Norwegian, if you still haven't gotten that). I'm still reading "The Fellowship of the Ring, which I ADORE! (in case you wonder which chapter I'm on, its "The Council of Elrond". Soon I'm gonna go to bed and READ. It is incredible how dull TV really gets when you really get into reading. Yes, I am the average couch potato, but I've had my off periods. My advice is: read books (you can ALWAYS find a genre you like), get fresh air (just move baby, move!) and listen to music (I, at least, need my daily dosage of noise).
I might as well tell you about the kind of music I like. When I'm having a bad day, I usually listen to some crappy superficial Scandinavian pop/dance (Aqua-like music, if you know what I mean) but what really takes me to another level is trance. I'm not a total trance freak and I like the tunes that are catchy, the old classics like "The Launch". I LOVE DJ Sakin and Friends, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Tiƫsto and DJ Jean. As soon as I discover more of this music, I'll be more broad-minded about it. Yes, you trance-fans out there, I'm not a PURE fan as you may call it, but I'm just me. Remixes of classical music always hit it home with me, that is the usual way I discover classical music that I like. Other classical music I was fed with through school, family, etc through my upbringing.
I'm a person of many genres. I was a huge hip-hop fan some years ago, but that part of me is just GONE and I'm glad. OKAY, that's enough blab for tonight, so I'll see ya around?

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