Friday, November 9, 2001

OH MY GAWD, it has snowed all day!

Dear Diary.
OH JOY. It is snowing... I didn't realise how little I missed snow until it arrived. I'm wearing these really huge childish boots which makes it all... well... interesting. I get weird looks from people as these boots are moonboots... In addition to that I have a hat that makes me look like a fraggle. And a belt that my sis bought at a flea market. It is so cool, so 60s! So today has been an interesting day. I never dress extremely strange, so when I sometimes wear something a LITTLE out of the ordinary compared to others, I don't care about the looks and perhaps the laughs. I rise above them as the special person that I am. Although I look normal I am a pretty odd person. In addition to this I was planning to wear two watches and lotsa bracelets, but I limited both.
So I'm presently wearing one watch, a couple of crappy pearl bracelets I got from a magazine, in addition to a piece of haywire/haystring, whatever you wanna call it, that is a memory from this summer and the one before (I worked with horses far up in the mountains...). I have other bracelets that help me remember things. For example, I have another bracelet, a really crappy glass and metal thing that I got before I went to Ayia Napa. I used to have a RUSS 2001 one, but I cut it off for work one day. I thought it would look pathetic to wear a ticket armband when you worked at an amusement park... I have a bracelet of round blue stones, and two metal parts to it, one says "Wisdom" and the other is shaped like an owl. It reminds me of failing IB, which I almost did... I can't remember any other ones at this moment, but I have a couple. Apart from the fake pearl bracelets and the hayband and the blue Nike sports watch I am wearing a really cool necklace, which matches my obsession with fantasy. It is a leather chain with a big metal pendant that has a big blue sligtly pointed, yet round, glass stone on it. I love it because it makes me feel magical. I know I am strange.
After going on and on about footwear and accesories, I guess I should tell of something else now. Well, I have a cold, a slight one, so I hope to stay home tomorrow as I have no lectures nor groups whatsoever. And it's Friday! But I don't feel like heavy partying. I've had enough of that in the last 3-4 years, so I feel I've grown out of it. Except when on holiday, of course, that's completely different.
Yesterday I saw this really good movie, called "Deep in my Heart". It wasn't as heartbreaking as the channel that broadcasted it was promising, but with sadness as a red line it did have sweet and happy moments. If I have anything else to write, I dunno. Oh, I DID send a mail to M, after she was as nice as to reply to my wonderful Halloween card. And she's gonna send me her book in about three weeks. That'll be great! Well, now I gotta go, as I have a group to attend. If all goes well, I'll be seeing YOU later!

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