Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Official Awkward Day

Dear Diary.Fireworks or something outside. Can't even be bothered to look, I'm too fuckin' tired. Yawn.
I have made tomorrow the official awkward day. Now you don't have to feel awkward any other day because December 27th is the official one. Yes, I will get really drunk and make an ass outta myself. Why? Because it's the official awkward day, dammit! You heard it here first, don't say nothin' else about it.
I read an entire book yesterday. Proud of myself. But it was a weird book. Interesting, but weird. I recommend it to... weird people. Yeah, that's right, weird people. Not freaky people, not odd people, but weird people. You figure it out.
So... preparing for awkward day. Or awkward night. Somebody save me.

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