Sunday, December 25, 2005

I'm dreaming of a fake Christmas.......

Dear Diary.Christmas Day. Feels weird. Not too into Christmas anymore(except Christmas song, they are so sweet), so I'm just chillin at the moment. I have time off and me gusta, as we say in spanish hahaha. I got the pressie I wanted, the LOST Season 1 DVD. Watched 2 episodes yesterday with my sis. Hard not to comment on everything. Yeah, Hanne always finds that extremely annoying, but that's just what I do. Trying to shake that habit too... When I look outside there's no snow, well, at least on the trees, but I'm guessing it'll come around New Year's, as it usually does. Well that's, at least, my impression. I remember snow for New Year's and also my b-day, which is soon. Scary shit, I'm getting very old. And I can't stop talking about it. Oh well.

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