Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I won't go Coldplay on you anymore

Dear Diary.
Drama was what she expected, perhaps even wanted. Drama was what she got, with the help of (the slightly on the drunken side) me. What can one expect with that combination of people, I do not know, but drama was in the cards.
Now I've been having strange dreams for 6 hours about Disney and whatnot to wake up dehydrated and unable to sleep. A glass of water goes well with bitterness. I'll probably regret everything by the time the headache passes, but I know I meant all I said and am only guilty of caring. I know that is kind of a bad excuse for going on a drunken rampage, but in a way I'm glad. I never liked it around those people anyway, neither did the focal point of my insanity.
So. Some bonds are better left broken. It is none of my business anymore, relax, I'll shut up.

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