Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a cold day in casa de K

Dear Diary.
New day, new opportunities! Or, in my case, sleep in a bit too much and get up at 11:30. I thought I'd shaken the habit, but proven wrong I certainly was!
Today will be a day of tidying and listening to spanish audio courses. I'm learning... very slowly... but learning. Quiero una cerveza fria. My most important phrase so far ha ha!
I thought I wasn't going to Florida (money issues) but then M said I could stay with him, so now I'm not sure. That saves me like 7000+++ and then all I hafta pay is 4500 for plane tickets! Well, reconsidering Florida at the moment. Now that I maybe can afford both that AND Mexico
Still looking forward to T and K coming in January, I can't believe it. Neither can they, this is their first jetlagged trip. Presently in Germany, T finds the food there "unattractive". Not a surprise, when I think of traditional German food. Wonder what she will think of the Norwegian one. We don't use as much as fat as the Germans, methinks, at least not in traditional courses.
Cheerio, gotta go clean and stuff,

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