Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Carrying 4,5 litres of beer for 3 hours... fun in my book!

Dear Diary.
Long day. GOD my legs hurt from standing up all day! Emptied out Centra at Colosseum for Mack, hehe, ready to partay! It was supposed to be just one type, but with the limited amounts there, I ended up with three types of Mack! I think the cashier was in shock.
Also ran an errand for my sister, who's in big shit now, can't really tell why, but you will know on Thursday, if you know both of us.
I am extremely tired at the moment, not looking forward until Christmas because I really don't give a f**k, I'm so tired of all the stress and everything. I think Christmas causes more pain and hurt than joy, to be quite honest. I'm really growing out of it. I dedicate Christmas to my future children: there you go, have fun with it!
I prefer summer. Eternal summer. Which takes me to the movie my sis forced me to see tonight; Napoleon Dynamite. Funny, but... not quite my style. I like other kinds of crazy, though I did chuckle at the latino "tough guys" and the "sweet jumps".
This week will be a week of a trance-like mode, emergency Christmas shopping and then sleeping away the holiday. Looking forward to a fresh (spanish) start and possible dancing.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,

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