Friday, August 13, 2004

yikes! what was she thinking?

Dear Diary.
I had this horrible dream. At least, to me, it was horrible. You see, my fam's moving to the states for one year and I'll be staying in our big house with one tenant, a friend of mine from Disney. She's renting a room on the ground floor, quite big, you see.
Well, here's the dream. That room was slightly longer in the dream and my mom had split it in two unequal halves. My friend was supposed to stay in the bigger half and four old ladies in the other. Three of them were 75. In this dream, I thought it was a dream and went along with it. But later I realized this wasn't a dream and blew up on my mother. I was so angry, I think I'm still stressed. Funny thing was, our entire family was visiting and they all supported my mother. The reason I was so mad was because I knew she had gotten these old ladies to watch me. Thing is, I actually said, word by word. "I thought I was dreaming this, but it is true!" I got so mad I pushed a tree over and carried it around.
Then I woke up and realized that the whole thing was REALLY just a dream. Phew! Or else it wouldv'e turned out to be a real live nightmare.

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