Friday, August 20, 2004

Così così, oggi non sta molto bene...

Dear Diary.
House messy. And cold. I rule the world. I do. Seriously, I do. Whatever I say, goes. Whatever I do, is for the good of people. For humans. For humanity. But honestly, screw you.
How come I always want to talk I don't have anything to say? And when I do have something to say, I sit down and shut up. Because I want to.
I have this song in my head. Not even a song, but a piece of music. Classical music. It runs through my head over and over, escalating on a steady level. I guess I could find out which composer made it, but I'll live. I won't bother to run and turn on my fantastic classical hits cds.
The cds are kinda a contradiction in themselves. When you hear the expression classical hits, greatest classical pieces, etc, you think its dumb, right? But I'm not a connaiseur (please shut up if i misspelt that one) in any type of music. Yes, honesty is killing my credibility right now. But I do like classical music, even though I do not listen to it "the right way". As with any other type of music.
THAT'S my taste for YOU, darling!

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