Monday, August 2, 2004

everything is everything

Dear Diary.
Things are gonna change. And not for better.
But change is important. Even though I might not like it, it is still change, and change makes the world go round. I can't stand this place anymore. This country. Yet I'm staying here for a while. At least another year. I wish that people would stop being so angry, negative and pessimist. Yet I feel it coming on when I live here. Every slight detail annoys me. But I don't explode. I sit back and let it gnaw away at my mind. That's the way it always has been.
I feel I've lost a friend. For that, I've cried. But it was somebody's choice and for that I will not forgive. I will not forget. When my advice is only taken when it is convenient to that person, I understand that it does not matter to them. Then I realize I don't really matter to them, at least not compared to others unmentioned. It is devastating to me, but it is real.

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