Monday, August 16, 2004

Disappointing shocker

Dear Diary.
Worked at that stupid place again today. Any "normal" person working there goes insane. Any insane person working there sinks deeper into their insanity. I am crazy, I'm not just unwell.
Saw Fight Club yesterday. For the first time. My little sis wanted some action, I persuaded her to rent Fight Club. And don't I regret it. I see this film as a sucky action film trying to be clever. Had the director chosen to go for only one of the directions in this movie, it might have been good. The actors were great, though. But seriously, don't see this film. See Pulp Fiction or A Beautiful Mind. Not this piece of ****. When you set out to make a cult classic, this is the result. An embarassment.
And I thought it was really good!

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