Wednesday, August 18, 2004

the sun will never go down on me

Dear Diary.
Lovely day, lovely day, another 12 days and I will get paid. So not the next Monday, but the Monday after. Seems a very long distance from here. In 3 days my family leaves. That's too freaky to even think about, I just assumed the day would never come. Its just too unreal.
The sun is shining now. Of course, as today is a day I'm working. Inside. I bet that on Sunday there'll be a hailstorm or something. This summer the weather gods have hated me. So have the god of money and the god of friendship, as well as the god of willpower. Yikes.
A change is coming, it has come, I can feel it. Finally I'm doing something that makes me happy, something I know brings me closer to my goals and/or dreams. Finally I feel contempt. Not happy, no, but contempt. Happiness is overrated. When I am happy, it acts as a lightning bolt. I don't have to explain that comparison, do I? You are smart enough to understand it.
In only 4 hours work starts. I guess that means I have to get off this compy and get dressed, some studying must be done before the earning of cash.

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