Saturday, August 14, 2004

write an article for the times instead

Dear Diary.
Chicken Tikkamasala is for dinner today. House cleaning is the schedual this evening. No, actually, I mean organizing. I do love organizing. It seems weird coming from me, being one of the messiest people in the world, but I am actually fixated with organizing. The reason it never gets done is because it requires a lot of tidying up before the fun organizing part starts. I'd love to Feng Shui the entire house, but that is never going to happen.
I hate poetry. I really hate it. Poets are a group of people that think they are too DEEP and COMPLICATED to be authors. So, they write a lot of bullshit. No, I'm not too stupid or too dumb to understand their "poetic language" or whatever you might call it. Me, myself, I love imagery and hidden meanings, etc. I just think there's a limit. What poets often do is make a dry loaf of bread seem like a wedding cake. It's got all the right cream and ribbons and loads of other decorations. But when you taste it, its boring, flat and maybe even disgusting. Had they put a little bit more effort into their ingredients and/or craftsmanship, they could at least have made waffles! But no, to them the important part is the exterior, the first impression. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all poets are like that. Yet a good handful of them give you that vibe.
I just don't like poetry.

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