Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a week...

Jeez, this really has not been my year. With all the drama I've had since December... getting sick, losing friends, getting depressed, quitting jobs, etc, I thought karma had given me enough shit to deal. But ooooooh no! I had 2 jobs up until January/February, when I quit my other job due to depression, i.e. an inability to work. So I kept the job I liked the most, the job I could still do well despite my mood swings and whatnot.

But guess what? I have become the scapegoat of some serious shit. Without going into further detail on what I do, I'll let you know that my job (being in the public sector) has serious organizational and leadership problems. Of which the biggest leadership problems are in the division I work in, Division 3 (there are 5 divisions). The boss of Division 3 is severely incompetent and, to be quite frank, a lazy ass. Now, I am a good and hard worker, I always have been, so I have been able to get by despite the obvious problems. I am on a limited contract (expires end of June) and I have been asked to as well as expressed interest in continuing the job in August (after vacations, we are closed in July). Suddenly, there's been a turnaround. I am uncertain as to what has really gone down, but I assume my boss has been asked to explain the obvious dysfunctionality of our division. Apparently, she has put the blame on me. This is, of course, the easiest way out, as I am on a limited contract (unlike my colleagues in the division) and I am an easy scapegoat. I won't go into specific details into what they have told me, but they have as good as retracted the job offer.

Well, I say, fuck them. No really, fuck them.
If they can't see an overly competent worker for what they are, then I'm going to leave them to be screwed. Because with the way it is at the moment, with that kind of leadership, they are truly screwed.
Dayumn, I will never EVER work in the public sector again.

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