Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunshine superstar

After resting for a few days due to the severe pain in my calves, I have finally gotten back to the walking again. Another 10 K today! I haven't kept track too well since Easter, but I do know that I've walked at least 100 kilometers so far, so I'mma set it to that. 100 is great! That is 20 hours of walking already. Although I do need to get back to my original exercise plan so that I'll be fit for that relay race. Walking today was the best so far. It was my first t-shirt day this year and it feels so refreshing to get a bit of sun on your body (arms only, but you know the feeling, right?). I adore getting a natural tan, as opposed to a sunbed tan. It just feels more healthy. Tomorrow I might even walk to work, who knows?

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