Friday, April 9, 2010


I've been in bed the last few days. Not due to disease or anything. But to the fact that I overtrained my calves and basically couldn't use them for several days due to severe pain. Yes, I stretched after my workouts... Today the pain is finally gone and I can continue with the workouts. I'm supposed to participate in a relay race with my job in just a month.
 I have plenty of books to aid me in the workouts... currently using the bottom book in the left pile.

On another note, I got my drooled-after ring today. It is friggin' huge, but it is gorgeous. I bet I'd pack a mean punch with it. (That, of course, would be a fact if I actually punched people. I don't. My mere presence is intimidating enough.)
(Yes, I am aware that my skin is dry... although this picture makes it look horrible, you can't really see it and barely feel it.) I got the ring here. You can get it a bunch of other places as well, just know that it runs quite big. I usually use the smallest ring sizes anyway, I can just about get away with this, with the main coil around my index finger. It falls off my ring finger.

I also took a piccie of my new beautiful boots. I got them a couple of weeks ago, but haven't managed to snap them until now.
The more I look at them, the more I fall in love. They are so me. Sexy, but sporty. But not too sporty, just a tad.

The beautiful light you see in the picture is the spring sun shining through the window. I've been feeling spring in the air for a couple of months, heard the birds for a week or so, now I finally have the lovely weather to match. In fact, this is all the snow left outside:
Foot included for scale. Nice socks, eh? I love the sun and sunshine!

Well, off to have a glass of liquid goodness...

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