Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More drama

Translation: I miss you. I don't want you to be like this with me. :(

It is tempting to answer. It really is. But I shouldn't, I really shouldn't. So I won't. But no holds barred right here!
First of all, I am not "like that". You have been "like that", deeming my reaction natural and in proportion to your behavior. Second of all... YOU miss ME? You gotta be kidding me. How the hell did I act when we met, eh? That's right, like a lovesick puppy. I have had a crappy year and this seemed like the only real highlight I would have, but you went and shit all over that, didn't you? Resulting in more crap.
It takes a whoooole lot more than a lousy Facebook message or two for me to even talk to you. I'm talking getting-on-my-knees-and-apologizing type shit. But you need to realize this on your own, this is something I have absolutely no intention of telling you.
I need to know you care, because, as of late, all you have shown me is that you don't give a shit.

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