Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great walking shoes

Here cometh a little recommendation from me to you. I have been walking home from work almost every day since March (Except for a 6 week vacation hiatus, 2 weeks of which I jogged daily. The other 4 were spent in Barcelona, where jogging isn't really an option in the summer heat. I did, however, manage to walk a lot around the city.). The walk is 10 kilometers, the majority being on asphalt.
It is part of my exercise regimen, as I am preparing for something major (but secret... sssshhh!). I have had minor back problems for many years, but even though the problems have been minor, the pain has, at times, been severe. I have also noticed that when I walk a lot on asphalt I do get knee pain. Which, considering the impact of the hard surface, is normal.
I had heard about MBTs, but I wasn't really willing to pay the big bucks for those, especially when living outside the production country. They are next to impossible to encounter online and I would've had to pay import tax/duties on them anyway.
Behold the Skechers Shape-Up. I started reading reviews online and quickly found out that, even though they were inferior in quality, considering the price difference, they were well worth it. I decided to take a risk and ordered my first pair online, on the Victoria's Secret website.

*First draft, will continue post tomorrow...

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