Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boredom deluxe

I've decided to spend more time on my appearance, as in make-up. I've always used plenty of time to get dressed, hours deciding what to wear, but always hated to spend a lot of time on make-up and hair. I'm quite happy with my hair and I know I can't do too much with it as it is quite thin, but there are many things I can do make-up wise. Here are my recent purchases in that department....

Lipliner (MAC) and eyeliner (Chanel):

Lipstick and primer for eyelids (both MAC):


(Please forgive the crappy pictures, will get new camera soon... am using my old Nokia at the moment...)

Yeah, I really wanted a bright bubblegummy pink lipstick for fun to experiment with. I love color in my wardrobe, so I want some color in my apparel as well. My newest "blog crush" is the blog of Monica Tang, as she is a blogger not afraid to follow her own tastes in a country where mainstream fashion is close to worshipped. The blog is in Norwegian, but you can use Google Translate and/or enjoy the pictures of her cute outfits.

Make-up-wise, I'd also like to get eyebrow stencils from, lipstick from Lime Crime and makeup palettes from Coastal Scents. But I shan't get ahead of myself here, as I tend to go completely berserk with whatever obsession I have at the moment. (You should see my book collection!) So I'll make do with what I have.

Another highly interesting thing I did today was to go tanning. I love laying there, so I see the tan as only a bonus. It is very relaxing after a long day. Sometimes I almost fall completely asleep in there only to wake up again and be extremely confused for a couple of seconds. Has that ever happened to you? If not in a tanning bed, then in a regular bed? Especially when away from home? I find it extremely amusing.

You see, I need to look good for Copenhagen. My first proper chill vacation time for a long time. It is really nice to get away for a little bit. Actually it won't be just a little bit, but a full 9 days away from home. Sweet.

I have to get up early in the morning, so hugs and kisses to you all!
Muah muah!

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