Friday, June 2, 2006

I want Primp pony leggings!

Dear Diary.
Feeling swell. Tomorrow off and then back to work. Been off for 2 weeks, it felt so good... Well, Rome next, thats what I like to say. Going to Romell be a blast. Hopefully. I try not to look too much forward to it, because that leads to disappointment. M has said hell come to visit me there, now Im just waiting for the e-mail that confirms that fact. Ive figured I have to chase the Italian men away from my sister, then again, I just might have to chase them away period. Yeah, 2 blonde, similar-looking, Norwegian-speaking girls wandering around Rome. Thatll be swell. Cant hardly wait! Im standing at a crossroads with my studies. To keep on studying, or not to. Ah, time will tell.
(Below, some stuff I want to buy!!!)

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